Casino Find It Craps

The episode online craps “lay” or “lay bet” is instead a bet against the release of a number of the line “across, is made directly after the 5% in favor of the House, provided the winnings, the player bets that 7, will appear before the number against which he aimed.

“Lay Bet” wins if 7; lost with the appearance number pointed at, remains in play if any other number rolls. It ‘s a partycasino appreciated by those chasing the win and has seven so as not to risk the opening line.

Given the relatively high probability of occurrence of 7, for “lay bet”, like other bets such as “lay” odds are paid with shares reversed, namely playing against the best online casino number:

• 4 or 10 you win 1 to 2,
• 5 or 9 wins 2 to 3
• 6 or 8 wins 5 to 6.


Betting playing a single roll of the dice
Double 2
Double 3
Double 4
Double 5
Pay 31 X 1

No combinations 4-5-6-8-9-10 pay 16×1

You play every day until ‘January 11, 2010
From Monday to Saturday from 20.30 am to 2:45
Sunday and holidays: from 17.30 to 24.00

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